Evidence-based. Technology-driven. Outcomes-focused.

Weight loss is a complex issue that touches on the physical, medical, emotional and lifestyle aspects of each individual.  However, too many programs treat weight loss as a stand-alone issue.

INTERVENT/WM takes a comprehensive approach. Our multi-phase approach to weight loss treats the whole patient, mind and body, allowing for more successful and long-lasting results.

The INTERVENT/WM Program – Affordable, Evidence-Based, Lifestyle-Focused

INTERVENT/WM focuses entirely on medically supervised weight management as the key to improving lifestyle and reducing the burden of chronic disease.

Launched in 1997 by an international team of physicians, researchers and scientists, INTERVENT/WM develops, licenses and delivers programs for the prevention and management of obesity, as well as the multiple chronic diseases that result from being overweight.

INTERVENT/WM strives to optimize people’s health. We aspire to help as many people as possible through programs that are affordable, credible and lifestyle-focused.  

Program Components

  • Comprehensive health profile
  • Consults with physicians, pharmacists, dietitians & health coaches
  • Nestlé OPTIFAST® medical meal replacement
  • Online & audio educational materials
  • Metabolic rate testing
  • Personalized, one-on-one telephone coaching delivered by health professionals

Over 200 Organizations & more than 2 Million Users

More than 200 companies – including universities, hospitals and corporate entities – have instituted the INTERVENT system across North America. Over 2 million users have experienced successful outcomes as a result of the lifestyle change that INTERVENT implements.


OPTIFAST is a medically supervised weight management program that closely monitors and assesses progress towards better health and emotional well-being.

The 26-week program consists of:

  • A full meal replacement plan
  • An easy transition to self-prepared ‘everyday’ meals
  • Comprehensive education
  • Ongoing patient support

See  how OPTIFAST works